5 Mistakes to Steer Clear From While Buying a Refrigerator

It’s 2 AM, you’re in bed, and you hear a growl. Don’t worry; it’s your stomach calling for food. The usual knee-jerk reaction is that you will go to the kitchen, open the door of your refrigerator and pick something up. Now you know how important it is to have a fridge? Apart from being your daylight cooking comrade, it is also your nighttime snack buddy.

Choosing the right refrigerator is a choice you may be stuck with for years, even a decade! You probably want to select the right fit for your kitchen, because you’ll need it day in and day out, loving the one you have seems only fitting. Buying the perfect refrigerator is an art and also arduous. That’s where we come in, to help you steer clear of 5 most common mistakes people make while buying refrigerators.

Let’s get into it!

Not Choosing the Right Size and Style:

French Doors

You will probably want to measure your kitchen dimensions for this. Knowing what size your new refrigerator should eliminate 50% of your problems. Your kitchen may account for a larger or smaller refrigerator, knowing that beforehand will save you a great ordeal. All cost matters can sit by the window because when it comes to size and style, choosing the right size and make will be the best long-term investment.

There are so many kinds of refrigerators out there, leaving you thoroughly spoilt for choice. Once you’ve got the size aspect sorted, move on to the style that matches your needs best.

  • French Doors: This two-door fridge is large, but requires less swing space to open a single door. It does not dissipate internal cooling. They have a bottom freezer, sometimes having double-doors as well. Storage capacity is abundant and accommodating.
  • Top Freezer: Available in a variety of size options, this is the classic refrigerator. It is cost-effective, energy-saving, and has the freezer above and refrigeration immediately below.
  • Side-by-Side: These slim models have the freezer in a vertical format and refrigeration area side by the side of the freezer. It is not very energy efficient but does not compromise on space and storage.
  • Bottom Freezer: Some people love to look at their food at eye-level. A fridge with its freezer at the bottom is the perfect fit! Also, if you’re tall, it’s all the more apt. 
  • Counter-Depth: If you want to go low-key and blend your fridge with the kitchen counter, this is the best option. It perfectly matches the depth of your kitchen countertop, making them easy to integrate into your kitchen layout, making the most of your space

Ignoring Energy Efficiency

QuadLift from SWAART

Look for the Energy Star. The intrinsical star symbolises- energy saving, cost savings, and environmental friendliness. Considering energy efficiency and costs while buying a new fridge is the wise and ethical route. After the water heater, the refrigerator is the next appliance in your home that consumes a lot of energy. A new energy star certified refrigerator is almost 30% more efficient than an old 12-year-old refrigerator with no rating. Take the right step, reduce your carbon footprint by investing in an energy-efficient refrigerator.

Top Freezer refrigerators are the most energy-saving, enabling you to save over $200 each year as compared to a bottom freeze model.

Not Checking Storage and Load


Considering factors like the number of members in your family, how often you order take out and store, how much fresh produce you consume, and other factors are vital for deciding the right storage capacity of your refrigerator. A bulky refrigerator may not necessarily mean more storage. Conduct a thorough analysis of the fridge, inside-out. Make sure you have enough compartments for freezing, cooling and refrigeration, overstocking a small refrigerator because you did not take in storage consideration is a deadly price to pay.

Sidelining Colour Considerations

smaller refrigerator

Like clothes, refrigerators come in so many different colours. You can choose to match the fridge in the colour of your kitchen decor, or you can select a pop colour that stands out. The colour choice may seem like a choice you’d want to waive off, but believe us, it is essential. You’re going to be around your refrigerator every single day. Choosing a colour that soothes and impacts the mind positively is the way to go.

Ignoring Key Features


If you’re the boss of the house or the kitchen, you would especially have certain expectations from your refrigerator; like the number of compartments, water/ ice dispensers, tough glass shelves, adjustable shelving, voltage stabiliser, deodoriser, cold pack and many others. Take careful note of all you want your refrigerator to do for you and then make the buying decision. Buying a refrigerator stand, like the QuadLift from SWAART also helps with cleaning under the fridge, allows for heat dissipation and much more.

Make the perfect choice for your home and family by getting a fridge for the long haul. Buy a refrigerator that keeps your food fresh, lasts longer than a decade and satisfies all your midday and midnight hunger pangs.

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