6 Fridge Hacks and Tricks

Have you ever been in a phase of your life when everything keeps falling apart? Well, imagine what’s it like in the life of a disorganized fridge! When you open the fridge door only to find objects falling at your feet, know that this is the refrigerator’s way of saying, ‘HELP ME!’ 

There are many affordable and cheaper by the dozen hacks that your fridge could use right now! An organized fridge lets you find your midday noon snack or even satisfy a 4 AM craving. Let’s face it, opening your fridge to find it unorganized is a bigger turnoff than lousy cologne on a date.

Here are 6 uber cool affordable hacks and tips that’ll get your refrigerator looking fly:

1. The Unassumed Genius of The Egg Rack

Egg Rack

What do we do with egg racks after we use ‘em? Precisely. Preserve one, clean out someplace in the compartment on the fridge door and place it in the newly vacated case. What can you do with this? It is the perfect spot to store upturned mayo and ketchup bottles. Your ketchup needs will be met without the need for shaking and doing the macarena to get some sauce out!

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2. Box Them Essentials

Box Them Essentials

It is the ultimate hack for accessing essentials quickly. Place a box, preferably a plastic container, right in front, so that when you open the fridge door, your hand reaches there instantly. Place your milk carton, boxed mint leaves, pickles, and even jams in this box. If you’re a chocolate lover, place tiny chocolate bars here too! It’s a great trick to reach for essentials ASAP!, without the added forward limbo to the get there.

3. The Snack Attack

Snack Attack

In a lower compartment of the fridge door, set up a neat snack zone for your midday/ midnight snack pangs. You can keep your chips, Redbull/ diet cokes, chocolate bars, and even some scrumptious mini wafers! Add a QuadLift fridge stand, and it raises the fridge level, so you don’t have to bend too much. Plus, it keeps the refrigerator neat and clean underneath. 

4. Drip! Mat! Absorb!


The drips and leaks in a fridge are a universal bother! A genius organizational and hygiene hack is to cut up placemats in your refrigerator compartments’ size and place them on it. The mat readily absorbs the drips and leakages. All you need to do is replace it with a new one wherever it’s messy. Simple hacks like these make your life so much better!

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5. Writing Board Mania

Writing Board Mania

If you didn’t know this was possible, you can write on your fridge with a dry erase marker and easily clean off with a duster or cloth! Isn’t that neat? Use your regular whiteboard markers and write down whatever it is, right from shopping lists down to motivational morning quotes! If you already knew about this hack, well then, kudos to you!

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6. High Man, Hang Bottle!

Hang Bottle

Have you ever heard of magnetic strips that could suspend your bottles up high? Well, the new fridge craze is these super cool magnetic bottle suspenders. Get them online and place them on the roof of a compartment and watch your beer bottles hang out, and enjoy the high that you feel once you gulp it down! It frees up space below to place smaller containers, expanding the storage capacity. Watch out for a beer raid, though!

Fridge hacks are the best way to add life to your refrigerator’s existence. Keeping the fridge clean is a great habit, and the best way to bring an organizational system into other areas of your life! What say you organize the study next, huh?

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