7 Skills Every Secret Agent Needs

7 Skills Every Secret Agent Needs

James Bond or Pink Panther, secret agents, have a flair like no other. Hollywood has glamorized the role of a secret agent manifold. We know of spies mainly from the silver screen of the cinema. But the real-life spies have skills to die for because they’re so hard to spot. Let’s get into the skills that every super-secret has:

1. Eagle-Eye Observation

Eagle-Eye Observation

Secret agents are always aware of what’s happening around them. They’re trained to pay attention to the slightest noise, not a feather flies past without them knowing. With years of training, they voluntarily expand their senses to limits unknown. It is not because they’re superhuman; they are purely super aware. This superpower is something that is honed from a young age. If you’re with a hyper-aware friend with an eye for detail, you can fill them out a CIA application!

2. Power of Intuition

Another great trait that spies have is their powerful intuition. It is a high-level operating 6th sense that helps them smell trouble from a mile away. In cases with no substantial evidence or even a cam recorder like the mini SLYPEN to record proof, their intuitive abilities help them recreate the crime scene. It suffices to say that Sherlock Holmes works overtime at the heart of every 21st-century spy.

3. Masters of Disguise

Masters of Disguise

The Tom Cruise mask extravaganza in the Mission Impossible series is a bit far fetched, but secret agents have disguises at their fingertips. You wouldn’t be able to distinguish an Adam Sandler from his Jack or Jill versions. Agents must blend in and go undercover to IDK, save the world? Whatever they do, they’re so sophisticated that they never get caught. Well, the few who do get exposed are not secret agents now, are they?

4. They’re Sworn To Secrecy

They’re Sworn To Secrecy

It’s in their name, SECRET Agents. These fellas are sworn to secrecy, be it from the organization they represent or amongst colleagues. Some die with their secrets. Dating or marrying a secret agent is a whole other level of commitment. Unless you’re Mr. and Mrs. Smith, *grins*. Sadly, they can never tell a soul what their job is or have a LinkedIn job update moment. But they have the advantage of staging multiple professional positions and fooling around. 

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5. Physical & Mental Agility

Physical & Mental Agility

There he goes, climbing a cliff or there she’s off choking his neck with her heels as she hangs down from a chandelier…These are the images that come to mind when we think of undercover agents. The show probably does happen in real life but far from the radar of us mortals; well, they are mortals too, but with superb physical strength and mental sharpness. Their training is intensive and grueling, but worth the effort.

6. They Know What They Want 

They Know What They Want

Spy agents are among the few people on the earth who know what they want and how to achieve it. In addition to their intellectual and physical prowess, they’re aware of what they must do next. They have a sense of presence and a deep insight into what can happen down the line. Whether it’s using a GPS or their developed brains, they’re on track and arrive on time in almost every phase of their lives.

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7. Top-Notch R&D Abilities

Top-Notch R&D Abilities

Secret agents have exceptional Research abilities. Confidential information, missing links, or even re-creating a scenario, it’s all done with an unbeatable knack. It’s like a video game in their heads, their intuition guides them, and they leap. The one thing that spies need is accurate information; they are like bait amongst the ocean hungriest sharks, and quick access to the right information is almost life-rewarding.

It’s fun to read about secret agents and what they have that we don’t, but it isn’t impossible to learn new skills and master our everyday lives. Pick one skill that resonates with you and work hard to better it in the next few weeks. It will give you a confidence boost like none you have ever seen. We only feel trapped by the limitations we impose on ourselves. So, Break Free! 

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