8 Ways To Make Your Refrigerator Live Longer

8 Ways To Make Your Refrigerator Live Longer

A fridge can live from anywhere between 10 to 20 years. The better you are at maintaining your refrigerator, the more it services to whet your appetite. There are so many times when your mind has a mental breakdown every time the fridge stops working. What about the ice cream in the freezer or the carton of milk in the fridge door?

Well, That’s Where We Come In.

Here Are 8 Tips to Improve the Life and Efficiency of Your Fridge and Keep You Sane for Longer:

1. Temperature Control

Temperature Control

To keep your refrigerator working perfectly, make sure you regularly check the freezer and refrigerator temperature. The temperature of the fridge and cooling should be between 37 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit. At the same time, the freezer unit must be set at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Keeping your fridge at the optimal temperature will reduce the workload needed to cool the food. Get yourself a store-bought refrigerator thermometer if it is hard to check the temperature frequently.

2. Leave Space For Airflow

Leave Space For Airflow

Never back up the refrigerator fully towards the wall. Also, adjusting the fridge’s height leaves some space for the fridge to circulate the heat generated below. Using an adjustable fridge stand will keep your fridge well-ventilated and makes it easier to vacuum underneath. Keep the refrigerator away from the wall, plus a little high above the ground to prevent overheating and equipment failure.

3. Never Overcrowd

Temperature Control

The more the items in your refrigerator, the harder your appliance will work to keep the temperature cool throughout. This process can consume a lot of energy and harmfully impact the environment in the long-run. There needs to be space in the fridge for a free flow of cold air. Suffocating your fridge will damage the ventilation and age the device faster.

4. Clean The Coils 

Never Overcrowd

The coils of the fridge may be either at the bottom or in the back of the refrigerator. The coils are prone to collect dust and pet hair if you’ve got pets scurrying around. It is relatively easy to unscrew the coil and clean it out either with a vacuum or a brush. Do this once every 4 months at the maximum and every month on the regular. It keeps your fridge hale and hearty, aiding a better circulation of air.

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5. Check The Gasket

Clean The Coils

If you have a faulty gasket, cold air could be escaping your fridge and making it work twice as hard to maintain a cold temperature throughout. Check the gasket regularly for signs of damage or wear and tear. This helps save energy and also keeps your fridge working efficiently with each passing day. As a bonus tip, keep your gasket clean with warm soapy water to prevent crumbs of food from sticking to it. 

6. Cover The Food

Cover The Food

Food should never be left open in the fridge. The moisture content in the appliance increases, thereby messing with the temperature settings. To minimize your unit’s moisture content, cover the food with plastic wrap or even foil paper. Using plastic containers are your best bet.

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7. Let Food Cool Down

Let Food Cool Down

We know that food is an essential aspect of our day to day lives. Keeping scorching food inside the fridge immediately after it is cooked is a horrible idea. Make sure the food reaches a little below average temperature before you place it in the refrigerator. The hot food changes the overall temperature of the fridge, making it harder to cool. If you notice signs of problems with cooling, figure out if you’re engaging in this habit. 

8. Change The Water Filters

Every fridge usually comes with an indication and warning to change the water filters. Never, EVER ignore this warning! Filters who are pushed to work beyond their service time weaken and cannot weed out contaminants. You can read the user manual, but like most, if the manual is lost in transition, call the manufacturer and find out when the next replacement is due.

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