Best Virtual Christmas Party Ideas

Best Virtual Christmas Party Ideas

The much awaited 2020 has almost come to an end, with snags, drags, and not to mention sneezes! But, that does not have to dampen your Christmas spirit or party planning. You could still take your Christmas party online or even host an intimate gathering at home, pandemic-proof, of course! This year gives all of us a unique opportunity to shine with creative virtual activities for the friends and family to celebrate Christmas together!

Here Are Some Unique Ideas for Your Christmas Celebrations at Home:

Christmas Bingo

Classic, iconic, and evergreen is the game of bingo. Here, this virtual game host has to pre-prepare a bingo sheet with many relatable options to check off! This is a fantastic option for work colleagues or even amongst friends and family! The more intimate the list is, the more fun the game will be! Don’t get too personal, though! Bring in the laughter and joy with this winter wonder game!

Fun Tip: Have a gift card or virtual prize at the end of the game to make it fun and exciting.

Christmas Mask Making- Glitter Galore

Christmas Mask

Frosting gingerbread cookies is fun and all, but this one’s super fun! Take your holiday decorations game a step-up by decorating your pandemic masks with a group of your friends, family, or colleagues online! The host must set a list of requirements before publishing the event, like plain masks, glitter bottles, glue, cute stickers, or just get it to go with the flow! This is one brilliant way of embracing the pandemic AND enjoying the holiday mask theme!

Never Have I Ever (With Hot Chocolate Shots)

Hot Chocolate Shots

This iconic drinking game can be made PG-13 and honestly more fun with the presence of the ultimate Christmas drink- hot chocolate! We’d instead opt for a chocolate shot over a mug of beer any day, not just on Christmas! So this Never Have I Ever must include all the naughty things you’ve done or want to try! It’s not Christmas if your naughty and nice lists aren’t discussed! If you’ve done it, drink a shot!

The Santa Cam Observer

This one’s for the little kids’ who think that Santa is watching them while they’re awake, sleeping, or when they’re bad or good. Deck up your hidden spy camera with a cute Santa hat and leave the spy camera in plain sight! The kids will spot it, and you’ll be sure not to swear or do anything to be naughty around the holidays! It’s a fun game for them! You could also use a mini spy camera pen if you want to amp up the fun!

The Christmas Cocktail Fest

ScreenTime Secret Santa

Ok, this one’s for adults only! Get together a list of ingredients for a fun Christmas cocktail recipe! Publish the list to your group well before the virtual event and let them buy all of the ingredients and prep. This super-fun game is the ideal way to kick off your Christmas party! You could also arrange a holiday playlist on Spotify and bring in some Christmas cheer with good music.

Best Virtual Christmas Party Ideas

ScreenTime Secret Santa 

Costume Party

Never skip on this iconic game. E-V-E-R. Now that operations have headed online make sure you celebrate it with more aplomb and fun! You will find tons of secret Santa name generators for your fun party to pre-decide who gets whom! The gifts also can be completely virtual! Online store gift cards or even fulfilling someone’s Amazon public wishlist is a great way to bring the year to a happy end!

Fun Tip: Publish your Christmas Wish List on your group call platform, and that way, no one’s unhappy with what they may or may not receive!

Make ANY Party a Costume Party

Charity Event

Any event you host, make it extra-fun and glam with a costume party theme! Your guests will love it if they’re into the whole dressing up shindig (You’ll be aware, thankfully, because Halloween comes before Christmas!) Here are some fun add-on costume enhancers you could opt for:

  • Antler hats
  • Grinch Hair
  • Santa Beard
  • A Snowman Nose Carrot
  • Elsa’s Hairstyle and Tiara!
  • Elf Ears

Pick A Cause Charity Event

Caroling Sensation

If you’re hosting this event, find many honest to god and authentic charities that deserve a donation. Make a list and publish it to your part participants beforehand! You could all do pick-a-chit and donate anywhere from $10 to $100, depending on your budget and preference. After all, Christmas is all about this! Removing the gloom from someone’s life even for one night is what St. Nick stands for, so we can do it too!

The Caroling Sensation

The Christmas Season is always incomplete unless you sing many carols and even tear-up as you do! Invite all your dear ones on your virtual event and just sing-a-along to some of the best Christmas carols there are! If you’ve taken the time and forgotten about a Christmas party idea, this is the ultimate last-minute party theme that would probably beat the rest!

So, deck the halls with songs of glory and have a fun caroling session with friends and family!

These ideas are perfect for a successful party, virtual nonetheless! 

Merry Christmas and Happy Partying!

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