Here’s How You Can Organize Your Refrigerator

Here’s How You Can Organize Your Refrigerator

The Art of Organizing anything is a skill that anyone can learn. Refrigerators are no different. The way you keep your refrigerator reflects how you value the very food that gives you a reason to stay alive. A messy refrigerator is not only bad for the aesthetic and accessibility factors but also attracts pests. 

Here Are Some of the Best Organizational Tips on Efficiently Taking Care of Your Fridge:

1. The Iconic Lazy Suzan

The Iconic Lazy Suzan

We’re all major fans of taking it easy. Pity for the Suzan, who is the inspiration for this lovely household rotating disc we all love so much! Put all your essentials on this fridge compartment countertop, as this enhances the ease of access and lets you grab it, bite it, and head out the door as quickly as possible.

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2. Send The Meat Down

Send The Meat Down

If you buy and store meat, it is better to keep it at the bottommost compartment, as some meat containers can leak out and drip. The last thing you want is all the contents of your refrigerator smelling like an undercooked steak fest. Especially if you have a vegan in the house, this is their worst nightmare!

3. Container Galore!

The Leftovers Zone

The best way to keep things without falling into others in a fridge is to compartmentalize the hell out of your food. You can use plastic containers or the professional ones they use in the deli. Doing this lends you access and lowers your gazing time by more than half! You can add boxes to your freezer to separate meats and other edibles.   

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4. The Leftovers Zone

The Leftovers Zone

Reserve a zone in the refrigerator for only leftover food or even meal prepping packets. Make use of small zip-lock pouches for meal preps and airtight containers for the leftovers. Mixing up fresh veggies or uncooked food with leftovers is not a good idea.  

5. Magazine Stand Hack

Magazine Stand Hack

Another ample storage and affordable organization hack- keep magazine racks lying flat inside fridge compartments. You can store bottles or pre-opened food packets inside that need to be consumed quickly. This trick is perfect for creating an illusion of extended storage in your refrigerator. 

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6. Goodbye Cardboard Boxes

Goodbye Cardboard Boxes

The bulky cardboard boxes that cereal and other packed good comes in HAS TO GO. These boxes only add to the clutter in the fridge. Ensure that you either transfer them into zip pouches, smaller containers, or store them in bowls. If you want to stack bowls on top of another, separate them using the extra chopsticks from the takeout as the base. We know you all have ‘em stored somewhere!        

7. Ice Ice Baby!

Ice Ice Baby!

Another great householder tip is to invest in a spill-proof lid ice cube tray. You can even store the ice tray at an angle if you have a secure silicone lid sealing the contents tight! It may sound like an unnecessary hack, but trust us when we say you’ll thank us later! 

8. Don’t Chill Them All!

There are so many veggies like onions, potatoes, tomatoes, and others that do not have to be refrigerated. If you are already doing this, we’re glad you stumbled upon this article. Your fridge will thank you for the extra breathing space! 

Fridge organization is a great way to show yourself that you care about organizing the very things that give your nutrition and the ability to do pretty much everything else. It also makes you want to eat better, healthier, and be smarter about other life choices! 

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