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How Hidden Cameras Help Keep Your Company Safe

A business can either rise above the competition and innovate or sink below and go the illegal route. Rare are the ones that give up without a fight. Competition in the business world is harsher than it was even a decade ago. It is almost essential for every business to monitor the happenings in the workplace to avoid future mishaps.

Apart from external competition, some businesses are under threat from their employees and customers too. All this can add to your stress and unnecessarily damage productivity at the workplace. The solution to your problems is keeping hidden cameras to do the nitty-gritty peeking for you.

Here’s How Spy Cameras Can Help Keep the Company Safe and Sound from Threats:

1. 24/7 Surveillance

24/7 Surveillance

Let’s face it, you cannot be at more than one place at a time, and you certainly cannot be at all your office locations if you have more than one. Using hidden cameras will help you monitor what is happening at work from your home’s comfort or any remote location.

If you’re afraid to take a vacation, these spy cameras will ease your nerves and let you go on that dream vacation and track the recordings live from miles away through your smartphone. As an entrepreneur, you can add balance to your life and flexibility to your schedule.

If you need one on the go, the mini, wireless SLYPEN from SWAART is your partner in crime, don’t use it to commit a real crime, though.

2. Decreases Insurance Costs


Imagine if some unspeakable crime or fraud were to happen at your workplace while you were away. As the risk increases, the insurance premium also climbs the ladder. Having hidden cameras installed will help you keep track of what is happening, who is doing what, and when it occurs.

When you install spy cameras, most insurance companies offer a discount. They do so because the chances of damage to your property will be less, and you can quickly detect theft. When you take the effort to reduce risk exposure, insurance companies reward your business with lower premium rates.

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3. Employees and Customers Feel Safer

Customer Behavior

If your establishment works round the clock, like an ATM or even a 24/7 gym, guards and personnel may not be able to punch in odd hours. Suppose a person enters the gym at 3 AM and finds no one for his aid, knowing that a camera is present, will give him a clue of confidence and security. 

Employees and customers want to feel safe. If they don’t, they will be forced out of your establishment, in search of a more sure-footing company. Employees will feel safe to work even when you’re not around.

4. Monitor Customer Buying Behavior

Customer Service

Hidden cameras will help you observe how exactly customers shop at your store. Their expressions, what sections they linger for longer in, what areas of the store they love more than most, all can be monitored with the help of these spy cameras. 

These little insights are significant and prove valuable to the way you run your brand. Suppose you have a luxury fashion boutique, analyzing customer movements and buying patterns will help you know very quickly what’s working and what’s not, without an expensive and time-consuming market survey.

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5. Better Customer Service

Customer rating

Employees can sometimes waste time and spend valuable working hours glued to their phones! It happens all over the world. The only way to combat this is to have hidden cameras in the office or store. So, when customers enter, they are given undivided attention and stellar service to customers.           

A spy camera can also monitor employee behavior and expressions while interacting with the customer. You can take notes, tell your employee what works and what needs tweaking.  

The best way to monitor your business is to keep hidden cameras in strategic locations, especially if you know that you are prone to theft and threats. The more secure your business will be, the more secure and confident you will feel to conduct your business efficiently and effortlessly.

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