Hidden Camera in Your Airbnb

How to Find a Hidden Camera in Your Airbnb

Living in the mountains or by the ocean is a dream for so many of us. Luckily we can live out that dream for a few days or weeks with the boon that is Airbnb. A home away from home in the scenic backdrop of your dreams! What’s not to love? The peace and relaxation soothe the mind to get back to the hum-drum of life’s challenges.

But wait, is this too good to be true? What if the likes of a hidden camera monitored your private moments and relaxed stays without your awareness? Some of the Airbnb’s out there succumb to the crime of sneakingly recording their guests, aka you! Don’t fret; we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the ways you can detect the presence of a hidden camera in your Airbnb:

Talk To The Owners Beforehand

Owners Beforehand

It is straightforward to communicate with the homeowner via telephonic or email conversations before renting out the Airbnb. The best way to rule out the presence of any hidden cameras, if your intuition just can’t stop itching, is to ask the homeowners and read the rental agreement beforehand. 

In most cases, a camera is placed outside the property for surveillance, but putting one inside the home, like hidden cameras in the bedroom and bathroom, is entirely unacceptable.

Scan The Airbnb’s Enlisted Photos Thoroughly

Enlisted Photos

On the off chance that the owners have used big and bulky cameras inside their property for their personal use, you will easily track them if you scan the photos uploaded. So, before even deciding to rent out the said property, get your detective face on and look at each image and see if you spot the culprit.

Be Suspicious And Conduct A Sharp Search

Sharp Search

You’d be appalled if you knew the many places a tiny spy camera can hide inside! If you’ve excitedly made the booking and paid for your Airbnb, it’s best to scan the area upon arrival. Look out for objects or furniture kept all wonky, at weird angles. Spy cameras are getting tinier than ever, so search for them in any stuffed animals, light bulbs, bathroom products, cameras disguised as smoke detectors, USB wall plugs, or other suspicious outlets.

Use An RF Detector

RF Detector

Hidden cameras emit radio frequencies that are best picked up by an RF Detector. Use the SpyDefy by SWAART to track down a hidden camera or recording device effortlessly. Use the tool and scan it across the length and breadth of your Airbnb. While looking for a hidden camera, it’s best to turn off any other device that emits RF waves like your cellphones, laptops, and the TV.

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Use An App


Apps in the market place are developed to track infrared cameras in an instant. Using one of these apps on your smartphone while being connected to the owner’s wifi will help you track a hidden camera, if any. Although effective, these apps do not work on wired or power-over-ethernet cameras. In such cases, an RF detector works like a charm.

Night Scan With A Smartphone Camera

Smartphone Camera

Your smartphone camera does more than just capture your pouty portraits or beautiful landscapes! When used in the dark, it can pick up on sensitive infrared light emitted from hidden cameras not spotted by the naked eye. Once you’re in your Airbnb, wait for nightfall to conduct your investigative probe. You may be surprised by the efficiency of your smartphone!

What Do You Do Once You Find a Hidden Camera?

Hidden Camera

You’ve taken your precautionary steps and investigative hunches and put them to the test. Now, after all that hard work, if you DO happen to detect a hidden camera, make sure you document concrete evidence of your finding! You can either communicate this matter urgently to the homeowners if they’re in the vicinity or just pack up your bags and leave the place and take legal action from home. 

Airbnb’s are homes away from your home, but when one is bugged with a camera, it can be a total nightmare! It’s always better to be safe than sorry; arm yourself with an RF Detector because you never know who’s out to spy on you, be it in an Airbnb or any home away from home!

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