Practical Kitchen Decor Guide

Practical Kitchen Decor Guide

The home is where the kitchen is. The less stuffy your kitchen looks, the better. A kitchen is a sacred space where the best of creation takes place- F-O-O-O-D! Cook it or heat it, most of us live to eat and not the other way around. Neat and clean kitchens inspire the house a sense of accomplishment because your guests will harp on about it for days!

You can stuff a whole truckload of the latest features and update your kitchen with high-tech gear, but there are a few practical must-haves that can take a kitchen from just functional to uber-efficient. Here are some of the useful decorating tips & ideas every kitchen must have:

1. Cabinet Galore!

Cabinet Galore!

Never discount the importance of storage space. Always make room for an extra cabinet here or there or a storage closet. It is better to keep all appliances inside and closed, away from the dust and dirt. It also makes your kitchen look clean and always makes you want to get in and get cracking on a dish!

2. Refrigerator Stand

Refrigerator Stand

Your refrigerator is not like a fruit stand that you can move or re-position anywhere you like. When your refrigerator is on an adjustable fridge stand, like the QuadLift, it is super easy to vacuum and clean underneath. The diamond-shaped pads on this stand insulate floating current on the product and reduce the chance of an electrical shock.

3. Black Chic


If there’s one place in the home you cannot go wrong with black, it is the kitchen. Black finishing to cabinets or even a black feature wall in the kitchen will add a chic and clean look. Black is a color that adds a royal mystery and a sense of dense clarity all at once. Your kitchen will look like a million bucks with this one decorative tip!

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4. Light It Up!

Light It Up!

Cooking or eating in a dingy kitchen is an option best saved for no day. Lighting and light accessories of varying shades will only add to your kitchen’s glow and warmth. A bright, lit kitchen is a happy kitchen. Cheery bright lights will make your kitchen easy to navigate and ultimately come up with a delicious meal.

5. Floor Rugs

Floor Rugs

If you have the floor space in your kitchen, then the best thing to do is get one or two earthy jute rugs to go on the flooring. Your kitchen will feel more balanced and look better. It is a practical tip, but it also adds a sense of color, texture, and comfort to your cookhouse, reflecting your styling talents.

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6. Tiered Shelving

Tiered Shelving

How many cabinets are too many cabinets? Well, cabinets tend to get bulky and remove the stylistic charm from even a well-decorated kitchen. Adding open, tiered shelves to store spices or even glasses and crockery is a great way to add a sense of practicality and simplicity to your kitchen decor.

7. Movable Spices Tray

Get a nice movable modular tray for all those tasty herbs and spices. Using bamboo or a plastic tray is a great kitchen tip. While you cook, choosing the spice you want becomes easy, and storing it will no longer be a matter of concern for you. Storing this tray in the cabinets will keep your spices away from the light and heat that can cause it harm. 

Design your kitchen with taste and practicality in mind. Finding the right decor may be a matter of getting in tune with your stylistic preferences, a fun process where you can learn about yourself. Tune into this engaging process and design the kitchen of your dreams! Happy Decorating!

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