Simple Safety and Security Measures For Your Home

Simple Safety and Security Measures For Your Home

A survey says that there is a burglary almost every 27 seconds! WHAT? Well, the odds are really slim to none when you look at it that way, but do not freak out. Not just as yet, at least. Getting things set up, especially security systems, is fun. But when you already have a home that’s probably years old, doing something added with home security can be a general pain in the rear end. 

Here Are Some Home Safety and Security Tips You Need to Know:

1. Door Security – First and Foremost

If you need to hear this, we’re going to be the ones who say this- about 34% of home intruders and burglaries happened via the front door and 22% through the back door. It is an alarming statistic that makes you want to get iron doors instead! But here’s what you can do improve your door situation:

  • Inspect the strength of your door frames
  • Fix an inexpensive deadbolt
  • Get your main and back doors some smart locks
  • If you want to go full smart, get a video display at the front door
  • Get rid of the mail slot if you have one for mail or pets.

Pro-Tip: Secure your glass sliding doors with reinforced bars and a smart lock if you want to go all the way 

2. Secure The Windows

Secure The Windows

After doors, 23% of home break-ins happen through the windows! Windows are manufactured along with locks and bolts, but they do not prove to be too useful. Stronger and secure windows are integral to prevent unwanted break-ins. Here are some precautions you can take: 

  • Reinforce glass windows with a security film
  • Get some sensors that go off in case of unwanted handling.
  • Install strong window bars
  • Spruce up the windows with some cacti plants, the added sharpness to keep burglars or bad boyfriends away. Ha-Ha.

3. Install Security Cameras

Placing security cameras in integral locations ensures you the safety deterrent and justice you deserve if at all, there is a burglary. Do not put one just at the front door. Install security cameras all over the property, especially near potential break-in spots.

Also, eliminate faulty installation by letting the camera’s wiring originate from the attic for the most effective security. Set up a sound and safe security system coupled with smart displays and alarms for the best results. 

Pro-Tip: Get the SWAART Zien Hidden Spy Camera for your home or even the office. With HD recording and low-light image technology, it works like a charm, works best both day and night.

4. Garage Security Matters

How many of us have things that are often more valuable than what’s in the home boxed up in the garage. We can see some of you cringing right now! It’s okay; there is a cure. If your garage door does not have enough locks, get some strong bolts fixed. Most of us have ample secure garage doors, but we just forget to close them. If you do not want those valuables from the garage to reach a burglar’s greedy hands, the best way is to keep the doors shut both inside and out.

5. Light It Up!

Light It Up

A safe tip to deter break-ins from the get-go is to keep your house lights on the outside. Save on electricity and get some energy-saving lights and leave them switched on—place lights along the driveway, garage, pathway, and even near the front and back doors. A significant number of break-ins are deterred due to the ample lighting of the home landscape. 

Pro-Tip: Get yourself some motion sensor lights and make the security even tighter. 

6. Safeguard Wifi Security

Wi-Fi networks are a gateway to your financial and personal information. If a hacker gets into your wifi network, he can access your financials that can be even worse than a home burglary. The added whopper will be if your wifi is connected to the home security system and alarms. So, apart from just setting a strong wifi password, here are some of the easy tips you can employ to stay safe from  privacy invasions: 

  • Get a WPN encrypted wifi. 
  • Hide your home network and use an anonymous name
  • Use a firewall
  • Install an antivirus software

7. Invest in a Safe

Invest in a Safe

In case there is a break-in, as a fail-safe, ensure you keep a guarded safe at home with redundant (double) locks. Keep all your valuables in the safe and not in easily accessible wardrobes or shelves. Select the right size safe for all your valuables. Also, it is safer to get an anchored safe if you’re not going to keep moving from one home to another. A portable and easy to carry safe will also work. 

Pro-Tip: Set a password that’s hard to crack but not too hard for you to remember. Smart safes are the best safety measures. 

Securing your home from burglary is never a fun thing to do, but it is a necessity. Make sure you take everything we said to heart and make your home as safe as a fortress.

So, stay safe until the next blog!

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