Adjustable Fridge Stand

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It’s an ideal choice for a refrigerator, a washing machine, dryer, mini fridge or furniture like a crockery cupboard, a wardrobe cupboard, etc and is an avid floor protector.

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Premium Grade Best Quality Refrigerator Stand With Adjustable Dimensions

  • Adjustable fridge stand can be readjusted to suit a width range of 45-75cm, at the sides, from 44-75cm and the base can be raised to a height from 10 to 13cm.
  • The refrigerator stand comes with zero needs of using any construction tool or drilling machine. 
  • It can easily accommodate any weight up till 440 pounds, which gives you the freedom freestyling with its use and application.
  • It comes with 4 high-quality PVC pads that absorb excessive vibrations that can be caused when it’s being operated. 
  • The diamond shaped pads also insulate any type of floating current on the product and reduces the chance of an electrical shock. 

Made of premium quality engineered PP plastic  and the steel rods are also resistant to rusting.


Is it necessary to use a stand for a refrigerator?

Yes, a refrigerator stand would prevent the weight of the refrigerator from damaging your floor. Advanced adjustable fridge stands often act as an insulator, thus protecting you from electric shocks and preventing accidents.

How long does a fridge stand last?

Our QuadLife refrigerator stand is a durable product with a high-grade PVC body and long-lasting rust-resistant steel structure to ensure extended product life.

How do I adjust the fridge stand?

QuadLife is an adjustable stand for refrigerator stand, washing machine, and dryer. It has an easy setup process as you can adjust each leg’s size to adjust the refrigerator’s height according to your preference.

What are the advantages of a refrigerator stand?

The Adjustable mini-refrigerator or fridge stand works excellently with heavyweight appliances and prevents damage to your house floor. You can use it on appliances like washing machines and dryers or as furniture stands.


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