Zien Mini Security Camera

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Can write and click high resolution images. Loop recording feature. 32GB supportable memory card slot. 1080P hd video & audio.

Smart Mini Wireless Security Camera For With High-Resolution Recording & Motion Sensor For Home & Office Surveillance

Need to have a watchful eye on your home? We know how high maintenance a security team can be.

You don’t have to worry anymore as with Swaart’s Zien Mini Security Camera, you can see and record activities and enjoy your adequate home security.

Mini Wireless Camera For Indoor & Outdoor Home Security

Zien helps you ensure proper security with an efficient security camera. It is a 12-megapixel camera that allows you to record high-quality videos. It is equipped with high tech features like recording loop videos, recording videos while charging, 1080p video recording, etc.  It also supports 32 GB memory cards to ensure proper recording.

1080p Video Recording

Zien lets you record high-resolution videos. It comes in different modes and has different video recording settings for 720p and 1080p video. Moreover, the 1080p video it records is suitable for high-resolution widescreen television sets.

Intelligent Motion Detection Sensor

Zien ensures your safety with its advanced features like motion detectors. Equipped with a sensitive motion sensor, it can detect an unwanted movement and help prevent break-ins and reduce the chances of theft.

Low Light Video Mode

Zien can record high-resolution HD videos even at low light conditions with its light-sensitive aperture. Equipped with six low light indicators around the lens, it can record high-quality videos even at night.

Complete Surveillance

It is a useful security device in an office or home scenario. It can record videos for up to 60 minutes with one complete charge, making it suitable for surveillance and can be used as a body cam, nanny cam, and as a drone cam.


How do hidden spy cameras work?

Zien Mini Spy Cameras are like an actual camera with proper video recording abilities.

Can I get audio in my hidden camera?

Yes, you can get audio in the Zien Spy camera.

Will a cordless phone interfere with wireless cameras?

No, you will not have an electronic interference in your Spy Camera unless it has a powerful signal, which might happen quite rarely.

Does this camera have to have a memory card to record?

Yes, the Spy camera has a memory slot that supports up to 32GB of memory card.


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